Christopher Oleson

Christopher Oleson is the Senior Researcher of Fidelis International Institute. His areas of research and teaching include social ethics and natural law, as well as the history of ancient and contemporary philosophy.

Michael Augros

Michael Augros obtained his doctorate in philosophy from Boston College in 1995 and currently teaches at Thomas Aquinas College in California. He has been a senior analyst with Fidelis since 2007.

Rafael García Pavón

Rafael García Pavón is Ph.D. on Philosphy by Universidad Iberoamericana, he has a master´s degree on Philosophy by Universidad Panamericana and is an Industrial and Systems Engineer by ITESM-CEM.

José Ángel Agejas

José Ángel Agejas is professor of general and special ethics at the School of Communication of the Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid.

Vicente Arancón

Vicente is Fidelis´ Global Executive Director. He is an Industrial Engineer from the Universidad Iberoamericana. He holds a Diploma in Marketing from the same university and currently is candidate for the Master’s degree in Social Responsibility from the Universidad Anahuac Mexico Norte.